EL-WAY's brand new EL-Trike 01 series has been developed by taking into account the experience of the past years, therefore a number of technical adjustments are now introduced.

The three wheeler comes with 3-disk braking system, we added reverse gear and stainless steel parts.

We have customized it for all-weather protection to ensure a 2 year factory warranty on the electric components as well.

Stands well against wear and humidity and does not corrode like its predecessors; it is much more resistant.

The rear of the scooter offers dual independent tilting wheels providing a lean angle of up to 30 degrees.

The 2 electric engines are directly integrated in the rims to make 20 degree climbing possible.

We start with lead-acid batteries to keep the battery cost low and to reach a range of 80 - 100km on one charge.

The charging cost will be about 0,5 EURO
depending on selected lithium battery version
that will be available shortly.

Book your order from late September at our

You can view it and test drive it in Hungary and Belgium at selected locations to be announced at a later date.


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Available colours: ... White - Black - Silver